7 things only savvy property hunters will understand about Norwest

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There’s been exciting news that Norwest is finally getting the recognition is deserves as a thriving suburb.

The area known as Norwest Business Park has technically been in the suburb of Baulkham Hills since its beginnings in the early ’90s. But The Hills Council has now unanimously voted to give the area its own suburb name – Norwest.

This is fitting recognition of the changing face of Norwest which is on the cusp of a transformation that will bring new life and vitality to the area.

Through game-changing residential developments like Capital Bluestone’s resort-style Esplanade, Norwest is entering a transitional period that will shift the area’s status as solely a business park to a lifestyle destination and urban hub.

Let’s take a look at the exciting evolution of Norwest and why it’s a suburb in its own right:

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1.From humble beginnings

There was a time when Norwest was dominated by paddocks and farming lands. Sydney was growing and there was an undersupply of land to support businesses.

The northwest was ripe for change and a popular choice for people to set up their home. There was a critical need for an employment centre and it simply made sense to bring employment closer to residential areas.

A mix of foresight and innovation from pioneering businesspeople like Capital Bluestone’s own Executive Chairman Steve Grant saw the creation of Norwest that has since flourished. Steve is undoubtedly an expert on the incredible growth in The Hills and his insights offer a fascinating glimpse into what’s possible in the years ahead.

Approximately 800 businesses now operate from the flourishing Norwest, which includes the national headquarters of Woolworths.


2. A surge in growth

Some 25 years later, the business park is once again on the verge of incredible growth and transformation.

The milestone of 20,000 workers in Norwest has come and gone with forecasts the area will see more than 35,000 people employed in the business park in the next 15 years.

“A larger workforce will inevitably mean an increase in demand for housing so there’s no doubt Norwest is already undergoing a revitalisation into an integrated lifestyle destination,” Steve says.

“And the plans we have for Esplanade on Norwest Lake are leading the way in that transformation.”

By combining a diverse mix of apartments, a host of resident-only amenities, three levels of boutique workspaces, waterfront dining and retails areas to the backdrop of an upgraded public boardwalk, the Esplanade proposal is the natural next step in an already very successful area to make daily life more enjoyable and convenient.

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3. An influx of infrastructure

Norwest will benefit from Australia’s largest public transport infrastructure project in the Sydney Metro Northwest rail line. The project is one of innovation and convenience, with driverless trains operating every four minutes during peak times.

Sydney Metro Northwest will bring significant benefits to residents in Norwest.

The fast, reliable and high frequency trains will easily transport people from Norwest to the city, Macquarie Park and across the district. The Norwest metro station is being built within 400 metres of the Esplanade site, with both projects slated for completion in 2019.

This public transport infrastructure will add to the appeal of living in Norwest, with accessibility and connectivity a key consideration for owner-occupiers and investors alike.

Sydney Metro Project Director Rodd Staples has publicly stated on the project’s website that “Everything about the design and planning of Sydney Metro Northwest has been considered from the customer’s point of view – from their decision to catch the train in the first place to the end of their journey.”


4. With change comes opportunity

There are many examples across Sydney where strategic and high-quality residential developments have helped bring new vitality to traditionally commercial or business centres with great success.

Rhodes and Sydney Olympic Park are prime examples of successful transformations that have been welcomed by owner-occupiers and investors alike. The influx of residents has helped retrofit these business and industrial parks into town centres that are full of life and vitality.

And that’s what is on offer at Esplanade – the opportunity to be part of the evolution of Norwest from the very beginning as it transitions into an urban hub.

“We’ve been building at Norwest for over 25 years, and we’ve seen that every time there’s a major infrastructure investment there is a corresponding lift in property values,” Steve says.

“That occurred with the opening of the M2, opening of Norwest Marketown, the opening of the M7 and it’s our opinion this will occur again with opening of the Norwest rail station, due to open about the time Esplanade is completed.”


5. Shift to a healthier work-life balance

There is no doubt that apartment living is becoming a popular choice for people within the northwest, with new residential developments on offer in many suburbs across the Hills.

So how do you make the right choice in such a crowded market? Its simple – decide what’s important to you.

Esplanade responds to the needs of many families who moved to The Hills area 20 or 30 years ago who are now looking for the convenience of a development that brings the life-work-recreation combination together to make daily life more enjoyable.

“Our extensive experience within the northwest market tells us that buyers and investors are looking for projects that contribute to a healthier work-life balance,” Steve says. “That’s why location is just as important as the facilities on offer in an integrated development like the one proposed at Esplanade.”

“The feedback we’ve been receiving is that the all-in-one nature of Esplanade – with its residential apartments, dining options, retail, boutique workspaces and a great public space – that is so close to the Sydney Metro Norwest station under construction – is a great combination for both investors and owner-occupiers, particularly people looking to downsize from larger homes.”


6. Locals don’t want to leave

Norwest is surrounded by suburbs people have called home for years, even decades. The local community obviously has a lot of pride in their community and are proud to have an address in The Hills.

Moving into a new home, within easy reach of all the things that make daily life more enjoyable is now a real consideration for people living in the suburbs surrounding Norwest.

“Esplanade on Norwest Lake certainly has an urban edge but it sits within a really tight-knit, community-minded area and that’s an exciting combination,” Steve says.

“There’s a sense from our buyers that they’ll get a new lease on life without leaving all the things and community they love.”

Blue Mountains views from Esplanade

7. A boost for housing choice

There are many reasons why people want to call the northwest home. Now there’s more housing choice as Norwest starts its evolution into a vibrant urban hub.

Buyers and renters have the opportunity to live in an integrated, vertical village where the convenience of public transport, dining options, retail and a public plaza connected to the boardwalk is teamed with a unique apartment offering.

Esplanade is geared for convenience and enjoyment, with residents to get exclusive access to features including landscaped lawns and gardens, a rooftop cinema, spectacular transparent-sided pool, outdoor gym, cabanas and barbecue areas for relaxation and social activities.

Norwest’s transformation has been mirrored in other areas of Sydney with great success. Now is the time to embrace the change and start reaping the benefits of the area’s revitalisation.

To learn more about the exciting transformation led by residential development Esplanade, visit www.esplanadenorwest.com.au.